"When customers pay what they feel the food is worth, they are given the opportunity to contribute towards a world where respect, generosity, trust, equality, freedom and kindness rule." - Lentil as Anything, Inspiration for Food Karma.

Thanks for a Great Market Season! We will be working on getting a food truck -ETA next spring. We will be doing a few special events this winter. If you are interested in receiving info about these events please send an email to foodkarmaabq@gmail.com with the title "email list". Thanks!

We are currently available to cater your community event. However large or small, we'll bring our best to your table! Visit the Catering and Events page to find out more or to schedule an event. contacts page.

Food Karma is a unique, not-for-profit food service concept that takes a fresh look how we go out to eat.

It challenges and creates new ideas about how we source our food, supporting local growers and producers to build a stronger food system. Furthermore, it makes us take a fresh look at how we treat our fellow human beings, within OUR local community, and how we can improve these social connections.








The menu - Both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes sampling world flavors and recipes, as well as the New Mexican favorites. It makes most economical sense to get as much of our food locally, and with the seasons as possible. Because of this our menu will change every few weeks depending on what is available.

Imagine yourself stopping in for a Thai style coconut curry over rice, a garden salad and pakora veggies one week, then next week you may come in and have a veggie lasagna with green chile turkey stew and house made tortillas.

Our team is creative in our dishes and love to sample new flavors!

The atmosphere - Bright, welcoming and social. A hosting place for local events and meetings. Local art will be showcased on the walls and there will be music nights every week.

The catch? - NO PRICES ON THE MENU! Under the "pay as you feel" model, a customer pays what they feel is appropriate for their food, service and overall experience.

The Result? - The restaurant is no longer a self-interested business establishment, but a community funded commonplace where the barriers of economic standing and pressure are of no meaning. Rediscovering the art of hospitality, customers are invited to place their fair value on something that directly supports them and respects everyone's humanity equally.

Does it work? - It does! This idea has been tried and tested! People are often critical about customers who might not pay, and fear that the restaurant would be taken advantage of by too many people.The customers who value the ideal of "the pay as you feel" concept understand that the little extra they may pay is helping subsidize a meal, indiscriminately, for someone who can't pay, or who refuses to pay.

Everyone needs to eat whether they are genuine or dishonest about their ability to pay, and no one has place to make that decision for another. Understand, it's not about wealth, it's about sharing!

Restaurants with

"Pay as you feel (or can)" models are beginning to pop up all over the world.

Budget Travel article - "pay what you can" http://www.budgettravel.com/feature/0804_PayWhatYouCan,1342/

Here is a news report about "Panera", a bread company and café with a pay as you can model - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iueU0IzLXQ

I was first introduced to this concept in Melbourne, Australia. There, a restaurant called "Lentil as Anything" has been operating its three locations for thirteen years!


Lentil as Anything website -  http://lentilasanything.com/

Lentil as Anything founder, Shanaka Fernando speaks at TED talks in Melbourne -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jodpW59On7g